In AGRISOST consortium we understand that research projects should deal with current scientific and industrial problems, which are increasingly complex and interrelated, with the aim of finding solutions for current societal challenges.

In particular, AGRISOST consortium works to find solutions to challenges related to food security through the development of sustainable agriculture and food quality. Entities interested in participating will receive direct guidance and collaboration in the various stages involved in developing a proposal for Research, Development and Innovation, within the objectives set by the programme.

Ongoing collaborations

Companies like Fertiberia, EurochemAgro Iberica or Agrotain International are working in collaboration with different research groups from AGRISOST consortium to develop studies on new enhanced efficiency fertilizers. This research aims to reduce emissions of ammonia, NO and N2O by using nitrification inhibitors for crop fertilization or irrigation management to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from agro-ecosystems.

Cómo participar. Reunión de grupos de investigación del consorcio AGRISOST

Research Group Meetings during project development