1. Water and nitrogen management in agricultural systems
  2. Agricultural and Crop Systems Modelling
  3. Uncertainties associated with the impact of cropping systems changes. Adaptations
Miguel Quemada responsable IP-AGSYSTEMS

Dr. Miguel Quemada Sáenz-Ballidos

Miguel Quemada Sáenz-Badillos is Professor in the Department of Agricultural Production at the Technical University of Madrid. In the past 20 years, his research has focused on developing water and nitrogen management strategies to maintain the sustainability of farming systems under current and future climatic conditions. He has coordinated several national and international projects and participated in numerous agreements with companies within the agricultural sector. He is coordinator of the Scientific Excellence Network SIRENA and has participated as an expert in different national and international scientific panels.


Miguel Quemada Sáenz-Badillos (Group leader)

Carlos Hernández Díaz Ambrona

Jon Lizaso Oñate

José Luis Gabriel Perez

María Inés Mínguez Tudela

Ana Centeno Muñoz

Luis Lassaletta Coto

Jose Luis Pancorbo De Oñate

María Dolores Raya Sereno

Andrés Felipe Almeida Ñauñay

David Perez López

Ruben Moratiel Yugueros

María Alonso Ayuso

Miguel Iglesias Esteban

Alfredo Rodríguez Sánchez

Research group profile

Main activities of Agricultural Systems (AgSystems) are focuses on the study of agricultural systems and its interaction with the environment. Principal aim is to design strategies or alternative practices to maintain the sustainability of farming systems under current and future climatic conditions. In light of this, the AgSystems develops research projects, both basic and applied research, based on field experiments and mathematical Simulation models.

AgSystems collaborates with private and public entities providing different services, which facilitate knowledge transfer from the University to stakeholders. In the area of cooperation, AgSystems supports projects in agricultural reactivation and strengthening between universities via curriculum and mobility of students and teachers. It also actively participates in the Spanish Research Network of Agriculture for Development. In the area of educational innovation, AgSystems has developed tools to help promoting the use of active teaching methods in the area of plant production. In particular, the group owns two registered tools free to use on request to the IP.

Research Projects associated to AGRISOST

  1. Effect of catch crops on leaching of nitrates, crop nitrogen use efficiency and soil quality. AGL2008-00163/AGR
  2. N-Toolbox. Toolbox of cost-effective strategies for on-farm reductions in N losses to water. 227156
  3. Optimization of the production and quality of olive oil through sustainable management. P 090260795
  4. MINUNIMAD-CC Minimization of uncertainties in the analysis of impacts and adaptations in farming systems of the Iberian Peninsula. Scientific Tool to Support Policy Decision Making. AGL2008-00385
  5. Potential Scenarios for impact and adaptation of agro-ecosystems to climate change in the Central zone of the Peninsula. Scientific tool to support decision making, v. 2. PEII10-0248-5680
  6. Introduction of cover crops in irrigation systems : effect of nitrogen, water balance and soil quality. AGL2011-24732