1. Assessment of the effect of high levels of tropospheric ozone and atmospheric nitrogen deposition on vegetation. Analysis of plant response mechanisms to air pollution
  2. Modelling of plant absorption flows of air pollutants in Mediterranean species. Definition of dose-response functions.
  3. Characterization of atmospheric nitrogen tank in Mediterranean ecosystems and analysis of nitrogen flows within the ecosystem.
  4. Definition of pollutant limit values that ensure the protection of vegetation under the Geneva Convention (UN / ECE): Critical Loads and Levels of ozone and nitrogen
  5. Analysis of the levels of air pollution in high mountain areas: daily, weekly and annual variability. Analysis of the risk of damage from high ozone levels in psicro-xerophile pastures
Rocío Alonso del Amo. Coordinadora de IP-GECA.

Dra. Rocío Alonso del Amo

Rocío Alonso del Amo is a senior Researcher at the Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology in Madrid (CIEMAT) and Principal Investigator of the Ecotoxicity of Air Pollution Research Group (GECA). Rocío earned his doctorate in Ecology at the Autonomous University of Madrid in 1998. Her main research interests are the effects of air pollution and climate change in the Mediterranean ecosystems. His work focuses on characterizing the atmospheric deposition of ozone and nitrogen compounds in natural ecosystems and its effects on plant growth, physiology and biochemistry. Results from her research are important component of pre-legislative decision-making since they deal with determining damage thresholds (critical loads and levels).

Foto grupo GECA
Research group profile
Main research interests of the group is focused on the induced effect of air pollution, including ground-level ozone and nitrogen compounds, in crops, forest species and pasture communities. The characterization of the effects is carried out at different levels of organization, from the cellular level to the ecosystem level, with special emphasis on key physiological processes such as carbon assimilation. GECA also develops studies to quantify and model the effect of air pollution on vegetation by calculating the absorption flows of air pollutants inside the plant.

Much of the experimental activity is carried out in an installation of Open Top Chamber (OTCs) managed by GECA, the experimental system is used to determine and quantify the relationship (function) between plant response and pollutant dose.

Research Projects associated to AGRISOST

  1. EDEN Effects of Nitrogen Deposition in Mediterranean Evergreen Holm Oak Forests. CGL2009-13188-C03-02
  2. MONTES. Spanish woodlands and global change: threats and opportunities. CSD2008-00040
  3. HEREPLUS. Health Risk from Environmental Pollution Levels in Urban Systems. 212854-FP7-ENV
  4. Critical loads and effects on vegetation under the Geneva Convention.
  5. Eclaire. Effects of climate change on air pollutions impacts and response of strategies for European ecosystems.282910

Scientific Infrastructures

  1. Experimental installation of Open Top Chamber (OTCs).
  2. Equipment to quantify air pollutants concentration (dry and wet deposition) and analysis of leachates.
  3. Air pollution monitoring Stations in high mountain, including meteorological parameters.
  4. Field equipment to measure plant physiological parameters: gas exchange at leaf and canopy scale, fluorescence, spectroradiometers and water potential
  5. Laboratory of biochemistry and plant physiology

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