1. Complex networks: Modelling and study of the behaviour of various complex systems.
  2. Big Data: Processing, analysis and modelling of massive data.
  3. Nonlinear Dynamics of Continuous Systems: Study of the nonlinear dynamics of distributed systems.

Dra. Ana María Tarquis

Dr. Agronomist Engineer UPM in 1990 and University Professor since 2011 and Deputy Director of CEIGRAM. Her scientific career has focused on the study of agro-environmental modelling, time series studies, Lindenmayer systems, multifractal analysis and wavelet analysis of experimental data, uncertainty analysis.

Dra. Rosa María Benito

She holds a PhD in Chemistry from the UCM (1982) and has been a University Professor since 1994. Her scientific career is focused on the study of complexity in social networks, technological networks, twitter, complex networks, quantum chaos and dynamical systems, molecular dynamics, non-linear phenomena and social polarization


Rosa María Benito Zafrilla

Juan Carlos Losada González

Samuel Martín Gutiérrez

Andrés Felipe Almeida Ñauñay

Ana María Tarquis Alfonso (Group leader)

Research group profile
Our group continuously publishes its results in the best international scientific journals, such as Physical Review Letters or Scientific Reports, and maintains fluid collaborations with different centres in the USA (Center for Nonlinear Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology, MIT, New England Complex Networks Institute, etc). In Spain we are part of the thematic network DANCE (Dynamics, Non-Chaotic Attractors and Stability), formed by 21 research groups from different national universities, actively participating in the organisation of the Network’s meetings. In Madrid we collaborate closely with researchers from the Instituto de Ciencias Matemáricas, ICMAT and the Autónoma, Complutense and Rey Juan Carlos Universities.

Our research is mainly funded through National Plan projects, such as the project “Classical and Quantum Chaos in Hamiltonian Systems and Complexity”, and other bodies such as the European Commission.

Another relevant aspect of the GSC is our capacity for postgraduate training through the PhD Programme in Complex Systems and the Master in Physics of Complex Systems, continuously producing PhD Theses, several of them with extraordinary doctoral prize and international mention, and favouring international post-doctorates in the centres with which we collaborate. We have also participated in the organisation of International Congresses, Summer Courses and dissemination activities such as Science Week and Researchers’ Night.

Research Projects associated to AGRISOST

    1. BEACON – Boosting Agricultural Insurance based on Earth Observation data(GA: 821964) – H2020 Space. 2019-2021. IP: Ana María Tarquis. Participa: José M. Sumpsi, Margarita Ruiz-Ramos, David Rivas y Andrés Almeida.
    2. Validation of the world research institute (WRI) classification of water deficit areas of interest to PepsiCo in the Iberian PeninsulaPepsiCo, 2017-2018. M. Inés Mïnguez; Alejandro Blas, Iñigo Gómara, Rubén Moratiel, Ana M. Tarquis, Margarita Ruiz-Ramos.
    3. Agricultural Risk Assessment Study in Liberia. International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). J.M. sumpsi, I., Bardají, A.M. Tarquis, E. Luque, E. Iglesias, F. Escribano, I. Puigdueta, L. Rodríguez.

Research Projects associated to AGRISOST

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  3. 2.4GHz Intel Xeon processor with 36 cores. 64GB of RAM and 3 Tb of hard disk