1. Genetic improvement by plant breeding of durum wheat and wheat quality
  2. Genetic resistance by plant breeding of hexaploid wheats to Hereterodera and Mayetiola
  3. Genetic variability of grass germplasm
  4. Brachypodium distachyon
  5. Genetic improvement by plant breeding of energy crops
  6. Location and chromosomal mapping of storage proteins in species of Triticale
José María Carrillo Coordinador IP-MGP

Dr. Jose María Carrillo

José María Carrillo is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology at the Technical University of Madrid. José María has focused his scientific career in plant breeding, in particular, on the functional and nutritional quality of wheat, the genetic diversity of germplasm of grasses or the genetic improvement of energy crops. Dr. Carrillo has been PI of several national and international research projects and signed collaborations with different companies of the seed sector. José María has participated in several patents and formed part of different Expert Panels at several organization.

Foto Grupo MGP
Research group profile
MGP research group main scientific activities are focused on the cultivation of wheat and the genetic improvement, by plant breading, of different plant traits with impact on the functionality and nutritional quality of wheat. The group has identify the location of new genes and published genetic sequences mainly related to quality characteristics and resistance of crop plants to pests. MGP has recorded new wheat varieties and registered varieties of garlic. MGP also has field experience in winter cereals and laboratory chemical analysis, molecular analysis and quality testing.

Research Projects associated to AGRISOST

  1. Genetic improvement of functional and nutritional quality of wheat and durum wheat. AGL 2009-99802.
  2. Characterization of the genetic variability of Spanish populations of Brachypodium distachyon.CCG10-UPM/GEN-49803.
  3. Triticeae genomics for the advancement of essential European crops”.COST action FA0604

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